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College Credit

Advanced Placement Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer a college-level curriculum. They require prerequisite classes, grade point average minimums, and a teacher recommendation to enroll. AP courses are nationally recognized as academically challenging and are designed for the motivated student desiring to work at a high cognitive level. College credit may be earned at the end of the course by successfully completing the AP Exam. Advanced Placement courses prepare students for selective colleges with more rigid admissions standards and are weighted by a factor of 1.0 (one point). All AP students are required to take the AP exam. Some additional fees for AP Courses will apply (Exam Fee, Textbook, Lab Materials).


Dual Enrollment In an effort to continue to offer courses that will challenge and better prepare students for college, SFCA allows qualified Juniors and Seniors to dual enroll through our approved collegiate partners, Florida Southwestern, Southeastern University, and Palm Beach Atlantic. Each school has certain eligibility requirements to dual enroll which include GPA and Standardized Test scores. There is a fee associated with private universities in addition to the cost of the textbook and any required materials. Students who pass the course will receive weighted credit toward their high school diploma and college credit from the respective college.


CLEP Testing Examinations through the College Board where you can demonstrate your knowledge in a wide range of subjects. CLEP can help you reach your college goals by obtaining credit for introductory classes needed for getting your college degree. Modern States ( helps you prepare for CLEP exams. We currently offer three high school classes that help prepare you for the CLEP.