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Secondary Updates

Secondary FAQ

Teachers will be taking attendance each week based on the students’ response to the discussion board question posted for each class. Once the post is completed for an individual class, the student will be counted as present (reflected as SO in FACTS – “student off campus”) for the week for that class.

Yes. All students will be receiving grades during this time. Teachers will be posting tests, quizzes and assignments throughout the week that will be graded and grades will be posted on FACTS.

All teachers will be available throughout the school day. However, they will have definitive “office hours” each weekday set aside to immediately reply to email questions as well as facilitate face-to-face conferences on Canvas or Zoom. The teachers are here to serve our students.

Students will have a minimum of 72 hours to complete an assignment once it is posted, so hopefully within that time frame students will be able to complete their work. However, if an illness persists, please contact the teacher via email or Canvas so a “make-up work” plan can be created.

All work will be posted on Canvas and can be submitted through Canvas. Work done on notebook paper or other forms of media will also be submitted this way.

Yes. As you will see in the daily schedule, time has been set aside for electives as well as all core classes. Elective teachers will be using Canvas to post the assignments for the week just like all the other classes. Grades will continue to be assigned for elective classes as well.

You can access your child's Canvas page by becoming an observer in his/her courses.

Directions for Canvas Pairing Code:

  • To receive pairing code from student account:
    • Student log in to Canvas> click Account>click Settings>click Pair with Observer
    • A pop-up box will appear with the pairing code; copy the code
  • Parent will need to set up an account on Canvas.
    • Visit>Click on “Parent of Canvas User?”
    • Follow the directions to create an account and enter the pairing code when asked
  • Directions for Pairing Canvas Account
  • Please email your area school counselor if you need assistance receiving a pairing code. Lezlie Nassef Grades 5-8 Holly Marciano Grades 9-12
Secondary Update - 3/29/2020
Secondary Daily Schedule for Online Learning



Secondary Update - 3/13/2020
Extended Spring Break Announcement

The one thing we know today is that we certainly do not know as much as we once did about viruses. However, in light of the news, we know we serve a God who is faithful, whose Word is reliable, and He reigns supreme over all things. We are working as a staff to make every attempt to bring instruction to our students in the near future and are making adjustments to enable your student to continue learning during this time. We will continue to bring updates to you as frequently as we have any new information, but for now we have these important notes:

We are considering this week as an extended Spring Break, so students literally have this week off from school as well as next week (our original Spring Break week). What this also means is that there will be no make-up work for this current week (March 16-20).

Continue to monitor your emails (both parents and students) as we will use that as general communication for school work.

Continue to monitor this page on the website. It will be updated regularly.

As we prepare for the possibility of being closed after Spring Break (this has not been determined but is a possibility), we have decided to have grades 6-12 student lockers available tomorrow (March 17) from 7:30-11:30 am. Students and/or parents may come to get any necessary supplies that students left in their lockers. This would include books and any materials that students may need if the school is closed after Spring Break. The band room and locker rooms will also be open during this time. We encourage you to come in and get what you need, but we are asking in the interest of others and maintaining CDC and DOE guidelines that you please do not linger.

Students should be sure they are able to login to Canvas, email, and online books. Please contact the teacher if there are any issues, so we can get those fixed this week. Teachers are working this week to create ways to communicate what work should be completed beginning the week of March 30. Please be patient and look for information to be communicated through FACTS. Stay healthy, remember that God is on the throne, and we are standing together with you to honor our Lord through Kingdom education at SFCA.

Blessings and Grace to You,
Randy L. Down, M.A. | Secondary Principal
Nicole Regnaert | Middle School Assistant Principal

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