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Carey Family Story

Name(s) of Parents
Daniel and Alana Carey

Student Name(s) & 2022-2023 grade level.  Please include all other family members names.
Olivia G. Carey and Nicholas D. Carey

Tell us about your family!  What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy together?
We enjoy the beach, swimming, amusement parks, movie and restaurants.

How did you hear about our school?
Research on faith based education in Fort Myers, FL. We recently moved from North Carolina.

Was there anything in particular that influenced your decision to become a part of the SFCA family?
Quality of the education and the school size, coupled with concerns of the quality of the public school education.

What are you most excited about in beginning the school year as a part of the SFCA family?
Just that, being part of a family. A group of like mined families that want the best for their children.