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Ramirez Family

Jennifer & Miguel

Isabela (8th), Jon (8th), Jacob (8th), Ariela (7th), & Isaiah (5th)

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy together?
We enjoy Friday family fun night, which includes playing board games. We enjoy going for hikes, camping, and traveling.  We also love going to the beach and spending time together as a family.

How did you hear about our school?
We have friends that are a part of SFCA. They love the environment for their families.   

Was there anything in particular that influenced your decision to become a part of the SFCA family?
The Lord brought us into this new and exciting chapter! It is amazing how everything transpired and fell into place. Only God.

What are you most excited about in beginning the school year as a part of the SFCA family?
We look forward to getting to know parents, students, and staff.  Isabela, Jon, & Jacob will be entering 8th grade. Ariela will be a 7th grader and Isaiah will be a 5th grader.