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Ryan Flint Class of 2006

Ryan Flint Class of 2006

Grades attended at SFCA
10 years/ Third grade through graduation

Did you attend college after SFCA? If so, where?
Yes. Liberty University

What is your current career? 
Worship Pastor

What is a special memory you have from your time at SFCA?
Meeting my now wife, Katie Flint (White) when she was in second grade. Playing basketball in high school, chapel praise band-.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and the impact that this person had in your life - or perhaps a specific example of a way this teacher cared for you in a special way.
Susie Kackley was my fourth grade teacher, and now I am privileged to serve with her within the worship ministry of McGregor Baptist Church. She was a great teacher, but more than that she was an advocate. She cared about the kids her class and desired for them to grow academically but more than that- she desired that we know Jesus. She preached the GOSEL to our fourth grade class and I as I have been blessed to have her in my life sense- she has consistently put the GOSPEL on full display ever since. Now she is impacting the lives of my own kids both directly (personal relationship) and indirectly as the leads the elementary school of SFCA. We love us some Ms. K!!

How do you feel SFCA prepared you in college as well as for God's call in your life?
Looking back, SFCA was nothing short of integral in my life. I trusted Jesus as my Savior as a second grader before coming to SFCA, but it was during my time at SFCA that I began to understand what it was to live out your faith, memorize scripture and grow in my relationship with the Lord. SFCA prepared you spiritually for what was to come, which is the best one can be prepared to survive "life after high school". Chapel, Bible class, student praise band coaches that cared more about my spiritual well-being than my athletic accomplishments were just some of the way God prepared me while at SFCA. I've been in full time worship ministry for over 12 years now, and am privileged to lead in corporate worship at McGregor Baptist Church each week. My team serving on the student praise band while at SFCA certainly helped prepare me for my time at Liberty University and my role as a minister now.

Are there any other special updates you would like to share with us?
I married my high school sweetheart (and fellow alum) Katie Flint in June of 2011. We have moved a few times to serve at various local churches in Illinois, Knoxville, TN and then had the incredible opportunity to "come home" and serve here on staff right here at McGregor Baptist Church. We have three incredible kiddos, two of which are now students at SFCA! Our daughter, Collins is a third grader at SFCA. Our middle son, Madden is a first grader and our youngest son, Beckett is almost to years old. We couldn't be more than to have our kids be KING'S!!