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Sarah Pack

SFCA is blessed with amazing teachers & staff! Let’s get to know the 2022-2023 team!

All Colleges/Universities Attended and Degrees Obtained (If Applicable)
Liberty University- Bachelor of Science: Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduating in December with a Master of Education: Curriculum & Instruction in Secondary English, Beginning Summer 2023 my Doctoral of Education in School Leadership

Prior Work Experience
Middle and High School teacher in Kansas City for 2 1/2 years. I worked at another Christian school!

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach? For staff or admin, what is your new position or job responsibilities?
I teach High School English and Journalism

Please tell me a little about you and your family
I am married to a wonderful Air Force Veteran Ryan and we share two awesome kiddos. Chazzy is in 2nd grade and Chandler is 6 months old! I call them my Cha Cha's. We also have a dog named Hunter who sometimes drives me crazy. We love being outside together, especially at the beach. We are "Shellers" and hope to find a Junonia one day!

Tell us something that we would be surprised to know about you:
I love painting seashells! One spring I painted 500 shells and to sprinkle on Sanibel. It's a thing ;)

Describe how you feel God has called you to your particular career path:
I knew that I wanted to teach teenagers after experiencing a loss while I was working on a cancer unit in a hospital back in Kansas City. He was 18 and I was there when he passed. I believed at the time that God was wanting me to be in the medical field. However, this changed it for me! I knew that working with teenagers in Christian education was my calling. I grew up attending a Christian school where I had my own struggles as a student. I understand the hardships, pressure, and struggles that some of these kids face being a part of a Christian school. I continue to pray that the Lord uses me as His tool to reach these kids during their time in school. God's will and not my own!

What attracted you to SFCA?
I was first attracted to SFCA by the mission statement. Specifically how SFCA desires to equip students to be Godly leaders and to successfully engage the culture for Christ. This world that we are in right now NEEDS Godly leaders. We need the next generations to be a part of the solution that will bring Jesus glory. So much of our culture is against God's Word and we are in a spiritual battle. Students not only need to be prepared to survive in this culture, but to be fighters for the King! 

In what particular ways do you hope to shape the learning or spiritual experience of our students here at SFCA?
I hope that I can get students excited about English and how they can use what they learn in my classroom to strengthen their reading and writing skills. Spiritually my desire is for the students at SFCA to grow in their faith and remain on fire for Jesus.

The SFCA mission statement: Southwest Florida Christian Academy, a ministry of McGregor Baptist Church, will partner with Christian parents to provide their children with a distinctively Biblical and academically excellent education that will equip students to be Godly leaders and to successfully engage the culture for Christ. How do you hope to accomplish this as a faculty/staff member?
I hope to accomplish this by remaining a faithful servant to Jesus first in my own life. If I am not remaining humble, teachable, accountable to God's Word, then I won't be able to show students the same thing. When we are truly walking with Jesus we bear much fruit (John 15:5). 

What is your biggest desire for each student that walks in to your classroom or office?
My desire is for each and every student to know Christ and to make Him known!