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Pack Family

Name of Parents
Ryan and Sarah Pack

Student Name(s) & 2022-2023 grade level
Chazzy Pack 2nd grade & Chandler (infant)

Tell us about your family!  What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy together?
We love being outside and attending to our pineapple plants! We enjoy swimming and fishing, like everyone else in Fort Myers. We watch movies together and enjoy throwing popcorn at each other when we do!

How did you hear about our school?
We have some family and family friends that attend! 

Was there anything in particular that influenced your decision to become a part of the SFCA family?
We desire our children to be in Kingdom education. We love the fact that the Bible is integrated into every class and His name is spoken! 

What are you most excited about in beginning the school year as a part of the SFCA family?
We are excited to join the family and community of SFCA!