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All student-athletes must use to submit all forms to participate in SFCA Athletics or off-season conditioning.

Athletic Clearance Directions for Families 2022-23 School Year

Athletic Clearance

Below are copies of all forms for your reference:

SFCA Participation

Athletic Handbook

FHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (EL2) (Updated March 2016)

FHSAA Home Education Registration Form (Updated JULY 2017)

Consent and Release From Liability Certificate (EL3) (Updated June 2021)

Concussions in Sports

Positive Sport Parenting

Heat Illness Prevention

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Assistant Head of School Operations and Athletics
239.936.8865 ext 1457

Assistant Athletic Director
239.936.8865 ext 1458

Assistant Athletic Director
239.936.8865 ext 1115

Athletic Trainer
239.936.8865 ext 1265

Administrative Assistant to Athletics
239.936.8865 ext 1405