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 We Are The King's!

Whether a student is ready to try sports for the first time or they're already an experienced athlete, they can score big at SFCA. Because we have something for everyone, from elementary grade intramurals to middle and high school teams, sports fans will be in heaven!

Message from the Athletic Director

Every successful organization is built upon a strong foundation.  The foundation that has been laid in the past at SFCA is firm and the walls are ready to be built.  The pillars of academics and athletics have long worked together to create a well-rounded and complete student athlete.  The administration, faculty and entire SFCA community is committed to preparing each student athlete to reach their full potential in every arena of their choice.

In Matthew 25, Jesus uses a parable of a master and the talents.  The master hands 3 servants different amounts of talents (money) and each returns with a different conclusion.  Two out of the three servants took the gifts of the master and returned them, doubled in amounts.  The other one, afraid of failure, hid his talent and returned it the same as it was given to him.  This parable is about more than money.  We are called to take the gifts that we have been blessed with and build upon them to further His Kingdom.  We are called to radically bring followers to Jesus.  To do less than our best is stealing from the Lord.



At SFCA, we will strive daily, on and off the field of play to live a life of integrity and character.  We will compete to the best of our ability until the clock runs out and at the end of the contest, win or lose, we will give the glory to our Creator. 

SFCA currently has 15 sports for both men and women.  Each student-athlete will have a chance to contribute to the success of each team.  Every athlete is coached to put themselves third, behind God and the needs of the team.

There are lots of great things happening at SFCA in all areas.  We invite you to come check us out and see the great things the Lord is doing in our school community.

All 4 Him,

Mike Marciano         
Athletic Director

Assistant Head of School Operations and Athletics
239.936.8865 ext 1457

Assistant Athletic Director
239.936.8865 ext 1458

Assistant Athletic Director
239.936.8865 ext 1115

Athletic Trainer
239.936.8865 ext 1265

Administrative Assistant to Athletics
239.936.8865 ext 1405