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  Name Title
Katie Abbott Abbott, Katie Middle School English Teacher
Kelly Achenbach Achenbach, Kelly 2nd Grade Teacher
Susan Addison Addison, Susan Kindergarten Aide
Brandy Anderson Anderson, Brandy 3rd Grade Teacher
David Asfour Asfour, David High School Biology Teacher
Kristin Baker Baker, Kristin High School English Teacher
Rachel Baker Baker, Rachel Athletic Trainer
Rebecca Bianco Bianco, Rebecca MS English Teacher
LaVerna Bigelow Bigelow, LaVerna Information Technology
Mike Bonilla Bonilla, Mike Health and PE Teacher
Amanda Breen Breen, Amanda Registrar
Kelly Brunson Brunson, Kelly Elementary Spanish Teacher
Diana Campbell Campbell, Diana 3rd Grade Teacher
Joy Campbell Campbell, Joy Middle School History & Drama Teacher
Bill Catto Catto, Bill High School History Teacher
Brittney Cleveland Cleveland, Brittney 1st Grade Teacher
Tricia Coggins Coggins, Tricia Marketing and Event Coordinator
Lisa Cole Cole, Lisa Student Activities Coordinator
Christy Curtis Curtis, Christy High School Math Teacher
Brandy Davis Davis, Brandy 1st Grade Teacher
Andy Duncan Duncan, Andy Middle School Science & History
Lindsey Emery Emery, Lindsey Kindergarten Aide
Chuck Engelhardt Engelhardt, Chuck Teacher
Kayla Engelhardt Engelhardt, Kayla 5th Grade Teacher
Daryl Falde Falde, Daryl High School Math Teacher
Dawn Fuhrman Fuhrman, Dawn Teacher
Kathy Gogerty Gogerty, Kathy Kindergarten Aide
Christina Hartley Hartley, Christina Elementary Music Teacher
Marci Hendrix Hendrix, Marci Middle School Math & History Teacher
Angie Holland Holland, Angie Receptionist
Stephenie Hopper Hopper, Stephenie High School Science Teacher
Russell Howard Howard, Russell High School Bible Teacher
Sherri Jacobs Jacobs, Sherri Kindergarten Teacher
Susan Kackley Kackley, Susan Elementary Principal
Lisa Kleinmann Kleinmann, Lisa Head of School
Mike Klossner Klossner, Mike Elementary & Middle School Technology Teacher
Miranda Koller Koller, Miranda 2nd Grade Teacher
Charlotte Kumpf Kumpf, Charlotte Elementary PE Teacher
Jeanine Laferriere Laferriere, Jeanine 1st Grade Teacher
Stephanie Laymon Laymon, Stephanie High School Principal
Amy Long Long, Amy Director of Marketing and Admissions
Amy Magsig Magsig, Amy Middle School & High School Band Director
Mike Marciano Marciano, Mike Athletic Director
Bill Moore Moore, Bill Assistant Athletic Director
Rachel Moore Moore, Rachel Director of Educational Technology
Lezlie Nassef Nassef, Lezlie Middle School Guidance Counselor
Rachel Norton Norton, Rachel Kindergarten Teacher
Lori Pike Pike, Lori Librarian
Nicole Regnaert Regnaert, Nicole Middle School Principal
Jenna Richardson Richardson, Jenna 4th Grade Teacher
Arabella Rios Rios, Arabella Secondary Counselor
Linda Rogers Rogers, Linda Administrative Assistant to Head of School
Jennifer Rouskey Rouskey, Jennifer Middle School & High School Choir Director
Donna Sage Sage, Donna Blended Learning Coordinator
Kersten Sonnenberg Sonnenberg, Kersten K-12 Art Teacher
Jennifer Tank Tank, Jennifer Middle School Science Teacher
Lisa VanZanten VanZanten, Lisa 5th Grade Teacher
Abigail Vega Vega, Abigail High School Spanish Teacher
Chloe Weimer Weimer, Chloe High School Bible Teacher
JW Wilkerson Wilkerson, JW Middle School PE Teacher
Connie Willis Willis, Connie Support Specialist
Erin Wooley Wooley, Erin School Nurse
Mamie Wynn Wynn, Mamie 4th Grade Teacher
Ainsley York York, Ainsley Middle School Math & English Teacher

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