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Visual Arts

Across elementary, middle, and high school, the arts play an essential role in an SFCA education. Students in art explore, develop and experiment with multiple art-making materials and techniques. In the elementary school, students are introduced to the fundamentals of art across various mediums including pencil, charcoal, graphite, watercolor, pastels, clay, fabric, ink, a variety of paints, and many more. Students create images in relationship to literature and famous artists. Various themes are covered like dragons, dinosaurs, pets, portraits and architecture. The goal of elementary art is to nurture each child's creativity and install a love for the creative process. In middle school, students begin a more in-depth exploration of materials and themes and begin to develop a passion for the visual arts. Students continue to experiment with forms, structures, materials, concepts and art making approaches and revisit, refine and develop their themes to formulate their artistic endeavors. At the high school level, students are encouraged to continue their pursuit of the arts and to explore new avenues for creative expression. Classes in the upper levels emphasize a refinement of skills and development of technique. 

Each student’s art work is displayed at times during the school year and exhibited in our annual art show. Students are also given numerous opportunities to participate in art competitions sponsored by various local and state organizations.