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Middle School Counseling Program

The mission of the Southwest Florida Christian Academy Middle School Counseling program is to offer a proactive, structured program to address the spiritual, educational, career, and personal/social needs of students.  We aim to help students match their skills and abilities, interests and knowledge, values and preferences with plans that meet their educational and future goals so that students can become fully functioning, contributing members of society and truly learn to engage the culture for Christ.


Study skills review, preparation for academic testing, educational/psychological testing and counseling referrals, individual counseling and referrals, speech therapy referrals, parent conferences, parent-teacher conferences, attendance evaluation, pastoral referral, test score interpretation, course selection (grades 6-8), age-appropriate post-high school educational and career planning, service opportunities, and social skills and organizational assistance.


Students may be selected to participate in local community service opportunities, through field trip sand the National Junior Honor Society . Community Cooperative is one organization with which our students consistently volunteer. 


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High School Counselor
M.Ed., Liberty University
239.936.8865 ext. 1268
Middle School Counselor
239.936.8865 ext. 1407
Elementary Counselor
M.Ed., Eastern Illinois University
239.936.8865 ext. 1191

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