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Our Private Middle School Offers a Culture of Encouragement

middle school students working at tableMiddle school is a time of great change and development, and your child will find a place to belong, a place to be challenged academically, and a place to deepen their beliefs at Southwest Florida Christian Academy. At our private school in Fort Myers, FL, students thrive in an environment that is academically challenging and distinctively Christ-centered. At SFCA, middle school students are encouraged to be sensitive to the Lord’s will in their lives and to boldly exercise their faith.

Instruction is provided by professionally qualified and spiritually equipped staff, called by God to leadership in a Christian school.   The SFCA middle school culture and curriculum builds the bridge between elementary and high school, boosting  student confidence and preparing them for more responsibility in life.  Teachers seek to integrate all academics within the framework of a Biblical worldview.  God is relevant to all subject areas, and SFCA staff strives to reinforce the mastery of core knowledge while encouraging Christian integrity. 

Students in the middle school program at SFCA are afforded various extracurricular activities such as volleyball, football, basketball, cheerleading, swimming, wrestling, soccer, golf, track and field, baseball, softball, and tennis, as well as service activities that extend to the community.  Varieties of performing and practical arts courses are offered to complement the core academic areas and are culminated with opportunities for service and leadership training in the seventh and eighth grade.  To aid our students in developing Christian character, daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, and spiritual emphasis retreats are provided.  

Middle school students are developmentally in the season of their lives when habits, character and ideals are formed and solidified.  Our mission is to provide these students with a biblical and academically excellent education that will equip them to not only be prepared for high school, but to mold them into the young men and women of God that Christ has called them to be.

Welcome from the Middle School Principal

middle school principal headshotWelcome to Southwest Florida Christian Academy where we aspire to train students to be godly leaders all while encouraging them to be excellent in their academic studies and interpersonal relationships! SFCA middle school students are challenged with the goals of developing college preparatory skills, fundamental life skills, and biblically based values which God’s Word provides as the necessary foundation of biblical principles for development of the whole child.

It is our desire that middle school students have a strong foundation that guides them to have a reverence for God, a strong work ethic, a rigorous intellectual path, and a fervent devotion to God that demonstrates the love of Christ to all people. Middle school students are in the season of life when habits, character and values become ingrained. Through the provision of a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities, SFCA provides students with the experiences and opportunities needed to develop into young men and women who seek to exhibit mature choices and actions.

Raising children in today’s culture can be a daunting task. As the Middle School Principal, it is my privilege to partner with you in Kingdom Education as we seek to meet the needs of each student and family. Together, we can equip our young men and women to prepare for their respective futures while they continually strive to reach their full potential as a Christian leader in today’s society.

In His service,

Nicole Regnaert

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Mrs. Nicole Regnaert - Middle School Principal

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