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King's Athletic Facilities

Southwest Florida Christian Academy is fortunate to have some of the most excellent high school sports facilities in SW Florida. With a sprawling 115-acre campus, we house football, baseball, softball, soccer, and practice fields right here on our campus, as well as three gyms for volleyball and basketball.

If you have any questions about our school or facilities, please email us at We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

Football Game Day
Football Game Day
Baseball Field
New Baseball Scoreboard
Softball Field
Soccer Field
Basketball and Volleyball Gym
New Scoreboard

SFCA Excitedly Unveils New Baseball and Softball Stadiums

After many years of dreaming and talking about having the best baseball and softball facilities in SW Florida, that dream became reality this year. Due to the dedication, hard work and financial contributions of many families, the King’s Baseball and Softball Complex is now complete and, without a doubt, one of the finest facilities in the area. Both the softball and baseball fields have large dugouts with storage rooms attached, press boxes, and elevated spectator seating, which offers a welcoming environment in which to watch these sports. Thanks to everyone who contributed to bring this vision to life.

Assistant Head of School Operations and Athletics
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Assistant Athletic Director
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Assistant Athletic Director
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Athletic Trainer
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Administrative Assistant to Athletics
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