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SFCA Middle School Annual Trip Opportunities

6th- Nature’s Academy

Students in sixth grade attend a two-day water journey adventure near the Tampa Bay area.  Activities include kayaking down the Manatee River, snorkeling  and observing manatees in the Crystal and Rainbow Rivers, and cave spelunking near Ft. Desoto.  Students attending the program will have an array of outdoor experiences that will help them understand the physics of water flow and how it applies to the dynamics of a spring-fed river system, identify native and exotic species living within and around the Weeki Wachee River, observe and test for changes in water quality, and differentiate between types of marine mammals.  Students will explore a cave ecosystem and discuss the components of ecological productivity, discover how the cavern systems in Florida developed, recognize and search for native and endemic inhabitants, including obligatory cave dwellers and understand the hydrology of the region with specific emphasis on the aquifer and spring system.

7th- Lake Swan

Established in 1927, by Dr. John Minder, Lake Swan affords students who visit the opportunity to get outside their comfort zone and into a new experience with God's Creation.  From anthills to the swamp, students will experience firsthand the amazing diversity of God's handiwork as they watch their classroom lessons come to life.  Campers explore the world around them in a whole new way while also drawing closer to the God who created it all.

Additionally, this three day trip to Lake Swan provides an environment where students can grow as a team.  While conquering the elements of the challenge course or following blindfolded in the dark, they learn about trust, teamwork, and being a part of the body of Christ.  Campers learn about insects and amphibians in class, peer at the constellations in space, and explore rotten logs to find and examine live specimens.


Unplugged is our annual retreat to Southwind Youth Camp in Ocklawaha, Florida.  During that week the students come together, away from outside distractions and focus on team building, class bonding, interaction with teachers,  and spiritual emphasis – all blended with a healthy dose of fun!  They engage in a variety of activities that take them outside their comfort zone and immerse them in a relaxing, retreat atmosphere.  Each year a speaker and Praise Band are chosen that will challenge students to lean in and grow in their walk with Christ. This trip is for all students in grades 8-11, and optional for students in grade 12.

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