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Savannah O'Grosky (Klingerman) Class of 2017

Savannah O'Grosky (Klingerman) Class of 2017

Grades attended at SFCA
1st - 12th

Did you attend college after SFCA? If so, where?

What is your current career?
Wedding Planner/ Admin Assistant to Athletics at SFCA

What is a special memory you have from your time at SFCA?
Being the water girl for the football team with my best friend

Describe one of your favorite teachers and the impact that this person had in your life - or perhaps a specific example of a way this teacher cared for you in a special way.
Tricia Coggins, always asked about how I was doing or would follow up when things were rough. Just someone who I could go to no matter what.

How do you feel SFCA prepared you in college as well as for God's call in your life?
I learned what it meant to work hard and do everything for God, to serve and love people no matter what

Are there any other special updates you would like to share with us?
I married my high school sweet heart and started my own wedding planning business- Make Life Eventful